Active Cover

Branded sports insurance package

Branded sports insurance for one amazing price. They’ve got you covered.

Active Cover was designed to help amateur sports enthusiasts overcome injuries by providing financial support to aid in many elements of their recovery rather than simply handing over a total lump sum for the injury.

Over 60 disciplines are listed and under their diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation sections, Active Cover will reimburse customers for up to 75% of the costs incurred up to the maximum limits of the policy, dependant on which package is chosen.

Active Cover comprises a carefully considered list of benefits designed to give amateur sports people financial support if they wish to seek private treatment from any medical facility, private hospital, specialist consultant or registered medical practitioner across the UK, which will inevitably speed up their recovery time, without the total reliance on the NHS and potentially long waiting lists.

For a customer unfortunate enough to be injured, Active Cover Serious Injury and Emergency Support Sections offer a wide range of cash benefits including up to 75% of the costs incurred for Diagnosis, Treatment (including Surgery) and Rehabilitation (up to the maximum limits set out under the policy). There are 3 packages available Silver, Gold and Platinum –a solution to suit every need and pocket.

This is why Active Cover was born, to fill this gap in the market to cover the millions of people that play a sport in the UK every week.

The team at Studio Elemental developed the brand identity, responsive web design and build whilst remaining compliant to the strict rules of insurance cover.